Luxury Bespoke Gifting Services

At “The Luxe Box” we offer Luxury Bespoke Gifting Services to corporates and individuals.  Whether you are a corporate company looking for that special gift for your customers or employees, or individuals needing special gifts for a certain event or occasion, we take special care in sourcing the perfect gift according to your requirements, and budget.

Our mission is to provide you with effortless gifting, saving you time by providing you with various different options.  You tell us what you need, we find it.  Our Luxe Boxes are individually packed by hand, ensuring that personal touch of perfection.  Every person that receives a Luxe Box, will not only get the perfect gift, but will experience a feeling of exclusivity and pure luxury.  We don’t do just gifts, we do experiences – and that is what The Luxe Box is:  an experience.

Our Gifts are perfect for:

  • Corporates:
    Corporate gifts for customers or staff
    Events or special occasions (Gholf days, Women’s events, Workshops etc.)
    (Any and all bulk purchases)
  • Individuals/Private Gifts:
    Events or special occasions (Jewish Holidays, Bridesmaids Gifts etc.)
    (Any and all bulk purchases)